Monday, November 29, 2010

Tribute to a Beautiful Soul, Michael Gable -- Get Informed and Save Lives

[Saturday night, Paul and I returned to the school where we met and graduated from together in 1993.  College classmates, friends, and family came together to remember a fellow classmate, friend, brother, son, and husband, Michael Gable, whom we lost unexpectedly and tragically just a little more than one year ago.  Saturday's event, Rock For a Cause, was a celebration of his life with a benefit concert/auction to kick off the Gable Beats Foundation and the release of the tribute album "One Race Human".  Another college classmate and friend, his wife, Michelle Gable, spoke in front of the crowd and shared her story of the horrible night that forever changed her and her family's lives.  We love and miss you so much Michael!  Michelle, you know that you, Matteo, and Grace are loved and will always find support around every corner.

Please read on for more about Michael, to learn more about the Gable Beats Foundation, and watch the video to get informed and save lives.]

In college, Michael Gable was a star athlete and a magnetic and outgoing personality.  He was always surrounded by friends.  He wore the biggest smile and had wide open arms.  He truly was such a genuine friend to everyone who met him.

On September 17, 2009, Michael passed away after suffering a heart attack.  Unknown to him, his wife, and his family he had the heart disease known as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), which is an excessive thickening of the heart muscle.  He was 38 years young.  Two weeks later, his baby daughter, Grace, was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy and it has since been determined the causes are genetically related.

"Tell Them You're Human" -- and the "One Race Human" Segue Tribute Album

The inspiration for the tribute album came from a t-shirt his mother, Beverly, had purchased for him that had the slogan "One Race Human".  Michael was teased about his bi-racial background when he was younger.  When he was asked "What are you?", his mother advised him to "Tell them you're human".

Excerpt from "Throughout his life, Michael strove to break down all racial barriers and create a better world for his family.  He lived each moment with love and gratitude.  In 1996, Michael joined the band SEGUE and used his lyrics as a way to spread his beliefs about the equality of ALL human kind.  SEGUE performed for over 15 years in some of the most respected venues in the San Francisco Bay Area.   Michael developed a reputation within the music community as an accomplished singer and songwriter."

The Gable Beats Foundation is part of the Heart Beats Community, a philanthropic network that provides support for families affected by various forms of heart disease.  True to Michael's genuine and true heart, he would have wanted his story to be shared so that other families might avoid experiencing the same tragedy.
Please take a look at the following video and get informed:

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