Thursday, November 11, 2010

Growing Up ... Well, Not So Much

As moms, I'm sure we all see signs from our kids that they are "growing up". Sometimes these signs are definite, like when my oldest son got his first girlfriend. Other times ... well, not so much.

Me (to my 8-year old): "Xavier, you're so cute".

Xavier: "Mom, you know I really don't like the word 'cute'".

Me: "Why not?"

Xavier: "It's really baby-ish."

Me: "Alright, then what should I say instead?"

Xavier: (Without a pause.) "How about 'adorable'"?

So, what started out potentially as a "growing up" lecture from my X-man, ended up quite nicely that my big man is still my little man.

So, what are some signs that you see with your kids that they're "growing up"?


  1. Gosh there are so many signs mine are growing up..and to fast at that. No more holding my hand at school,kisses in front of friends,my baby is learning how to walk...list goes on..

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  6. My daughter is starting to say two words together in one!!! Sounds lame, I know...but she is two and this is really a sign of growing up!!

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  7. He's a man now, Mom!!

    He truly is adorable!! (And cute..but don't tell him I said

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