About Jamie

Oh, that’s me!!!  OK, let’s see…

My other half is Paul.  He snatched me up 18 years ago and … well, now we’re at today.   Every anniversary he says the same thing, “You’re halfway there, you’re still doing good.”  We have too many inside jokes that no one else could possibly think is funny.  We laugh all the time and usually at ourselves.

Paul is the more effective, disciplinary, and cool parent of our three splendidly sinister and deliciously devious kids, XYZ — Xavier (8), Yasmin (4), and Zachary (12).  If we had another child his name would be Wadevian, or hers would be Walkesheva.  Luckily for him or her, we’ve decided to stop at three.

This year I’ll be celebrating the big 10th anniversary of my 29th birthday and I love chocolate. I'm VP of Marketing for an online retailer, I volunteer for two non-profit websites, I am co-1st VP of Fundraising for the PTC at my child’s school, I am the team historian for my son’s competitive soccer team (record and manage stats, write articles, look fashionable on the sidelines, stuff like that), and am Team Parent during baseball season.

Of course I love hanging out with my family and doing fun activities with them.  I also LOVE my girlfriends and try to get to do as much girlfriend time as I can fit in.  I also love chocolate — white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, you name it. Even though I have dairy allergy, I will brave the sore stomach any day for the delectable creamy gift of chocolate.

I firmly believe in date night, as well as date morning and date afternoon.

I recognize in myself that I like to have my foot into a lot of things, but I doubt I’m REALLY good at any one thing.  I’m not even a “Jane of all trades”.  I’m not a neat freak (although I do like things a certain way), I don’t think I need to be in control (well, maybe ask Paul about that), and I hate that I’m often late (although I like that I’m early for the event after the one I’m late for).

Paul thinks I talk too much.  I think he talks too little.  Oh, and I love chocolate.

Welcome to my blog!