Thursday, October 21, 2010

Letter to Amy — Reasons Why Jamie Should Be One of Lucas’ Godparents

[In early September, my girlfriend, Krista, and I went to visit our girlfriend, Amy, who moved to the Boston area in the beginning of this year. Amy gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in August whom she named Lucas. Krista and I stayed with Amy for a week and helped her unpack and organize the layers of boxes and gifts she never had the time or energy to get to. We had so much fun getting to know Lucas -- this involved a lot of cheek, leg, and belly eating, as well as long strings of kissing frenzies. During the week, our girlfriend, Cath (who lives in Pennsylvania), came for a day. Also, Amy's sister, Beth, hung out with us. And, we got to visit with Amy's big and fun Irish family.

This letter that follows, has a long story behind it, but the gist is that an unsaid tradition for Amy's Irish family is that her son's Godparents would be an immediate family member. Well, I hold firm that I do fit the description (even though my cinnamon skin and long, straight, black hair say otherwise). I do know that Beth and Amy are the best of friends and the closest of sisters -- I don't doubt that Beth is the most likely choice for Godmother. I am therefore starting a campaign to stake my claim to the office of Godfather... I also want to add that Amy's son has my feet. It's not by coincidence, I say!]

Dear Amy,

So, we were laughing and joking around when the subject of Godparents came up. The conversation ended, of course, with saying the traditional choice would be that someone from your immediate family would take those roles. However, with just a bit more thought (not that much though because it’s pretty much just like “Duh”), I’ve decided that it is a great idea, as well as an obvious choice in my opinion, that I should take one of the parts.

In my campaign for helping you to make this important decision, I think it’s a good time to start presenting to you a recurring list of reasons why you should choose me to be one of Lucas’ godparents. Here are my first two reasons…

(In no particular order)

#1) I’m so pretty.

OK, this one is in the correct order, but I just mean the rest after this one may not be. Of course, being pretty is an easy reason for so many of the situations we both find ourselves in so, even though we could, we shouldn’t pull it out as a reason for everything. In the case of being Lucas’ godparent, it is a valid and an important reason. When all of Lucas’ friends are hot for momma at the pick-up circle, what better way to elevate his social standing than not only having a hot mom, but also having hot “aunties” — oh, and by the way, (pointing at me) SHE’S my godparent. See? You should never downplay the importance and responsibility that sometimes arises as a result of looking this good.

Pretty ... and classy.

#2) Lucas would be an easy addition to our family.

One kid is one kid. Two kids are playmates. Three kids are crazy. I know that your brother and his wife have me matched on this one, but truly that’s my only concession on this point. With three kids or more, it pretty much doesn’t matter how many more kids you add, someone’s going to need therapy. I can promise that if I had to step up as godparent and add Lucas to our family, that I would ignore him just as equally as I do each of my other three kids.

OK, so these are really great points. And, they are only the first two of many reasons. They should no doubt help you come to the same conclusion as I have… that you should choose me to be one of Lucas’ Godparents.

Love you!


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